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There are many benefits of writing down what you are grateful for. Once you begin to understand how important gratitude is, chances are that you’ll see why it’s so important to develop this mindset. Gratitude can have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Research has shown it to improve relaxation, sleep quality, and energy levels. Being thankful for your blessings can enhance your emotional wellness. You’ll deal better in stressful situations and find you’re more likely to look at things on the bright side. Practicing gratitude can contribute to healthier relationships. Appreciating the positives in life can simply make you feel happier. Our 365-day Disc Bound Gratitude Journal is broken down into half a year, so the journal will not be so bulky. You'll receive the other half package along with the journal( it will also be punched). Once you complete your 1st half, the 2nd half is ready to be inserted. Our journal lays flat and has space to write 5 things that you are grateful for each day; it has inspirational quotes, activities, and much more. This journal is not dated, so you can start your gratitude journey at any time of the year. Go for a 365-day streak!


Page Count: 305 pages

Paper: Premium 120 gsm

Print Size: 7x9 or 8.5x11

Thankful and Blessed

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