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Budgeting is 
the first step toward 
financial freedom


Melanie L Stationery was founded in November 2022 to help our community get over our fear of finances. In our community, we were never taught anything about finances, credit, or saving. I'm ready to help my people learn about these 3 things and create generational wealth. The B(budgeting) word is often looked down on as if you have to give up the things you love, in order to survive. And sometimes you do, but only for a little while, and that's ok or nothing to be ashamed of. With our Financial Planner, you will be able to come up with a plan to get out of debt and hopefully stay out of debt. Let's be real LIFE BE LIFING, it happens to all of us. This Affordable planner is design with all budgeters in mind from beginner to advanced. Remember Budgeting is the first step toward Financial Freedom! Enjoy your Financial Journey 

Melanie L

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Budgeting is

the first step toward

financial freedom

What Budgeting

Method Is Better?

When it comes to finances, and financial advice; there is no one size fits all method. There are many different ways to budget, one way may work for me, and another way may work for you. Also, you can take some of this and that from different methods and apply it to your financial journey. The key word in all of this is PERSONAL, do what works for and your current financial situation.

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